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Keepsake Phonebooth

An Audio Guestbook Experience

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What's an audio guestbook?

Our audio guestbook is nothing like a traditional guestbook! We bring a vintage phone to your event and your guests use it to leave you keepsake messages. The voicemails are saved and sent to you in the form of an audio gallery. 

why You need an
Audio guestbook?

Have you ever saved a cherished voicemail from a loved one so that you can listen to it over and over? If you have, you know that the value of that voicemail only goes up over time. Life happens but the ability to hear their voice on demand is priceless. 

Our Keepsake PhoneBOOTH is more than event entertainment. It's an intentional opportunity to preserve a voice memory.


  • Beautiful Dedicated Online Audio Gallery Link

  • Wave Video Files Shareable to Social Media

  • Use your own custom greeting

  • Phone has optional ring mode to bring attention to guests 

Optional Extras

  • Dedicated Event Specialist 

  • Virtual Audio Guestbook

  • Voicemails on Vinyl Record

  • Voicemails on QR Code Keychain

  • Voicemails on QR Code Sign

  • Backdrop

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